Coming Soon: The Random Review

With more than 700 classic Star Trek episodes to look at, we have much more than a five-year mission ahead of us. So we’re starting with a jump around from episode to episode. We will use a random number generator to pick an episode from the entire history of Star Trek.

Our first random number drawing is No. 545. That corresponds to a Voyager episode called “The Omega Directive.”

Voyager is available to stream on Amazon, Netflix, CBS All Access, YouTube and a few other services. Or, you can buy Season 4 on Amazon.



Engage! TV Trek News launches

Hello and welcome to TV Trek News.

In the coming months we will cover the return of Star Trek to the small screen. Star Trek Discovery, the sixth (or seventh, if you count the animated series) series debuts this fall on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Netflix around the world.

This site will bring you news, rumors, episode reviews, cast profiles and interviews based around the new series. We also plan to look back at the rich 50-year history of Star Trek on TV with rewatches of classic episodes, news and info on the cast and crew and reviews of tie-in media.

Coming this weekend, full coverage of the Star Trek Discovery panel at Comic-Con International.